Monday, July 30, 2007

Stay Posted

I have lots more photos to share and more to write, so check back again later. Also, managing photos is a time consuming job. I will be trying to post up on to the Flickr site later tonite.

Jr. and Elite Cruiser Photos

Women's Elite Cruiser, Gold: Sarah Walker
(NZL), Silver: Aneta Hladikova (CZE), Bronze:
Amelie Despeaux (FRA).

Jr. Women's Cruiser, Gold: Magalie
Pottier (FRA), Silver: Romana
Labounkova (CZE), Bronze: Joyce
Seesing (NED).

Jr. Men's Cruiser, Gold: Fausto Endara (ECU),
Silver: Yvan Lapraz (SUI), Bronze: George
Sowers (USA).

Elite Men's Cruiser, Gold: Jonathan
Suarez (VEN), Silver: Danny Caluag
(USA), Bronze: Kelvin Batey (GBR).

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Elite Cruiser races finish off the UCI BMX Worlds

The final Elite Cruiser races were a spectacular way to finish off a great weekend of World BMX racing. Fausto Endara (ECU) crossed the finish line in full throttle excitement to capture 1st place in the Jr. Cruiser class. Magalie Pottier (FRA) was thrilled to have achieved her goal of winning both the Jr. Girls BMX and the Jr. Girl's Cruiser event. In the Women's Elite class, it was 19 year old Sarah Walker who walked away with the gold medal. She had an incredible race finishing far ahead of her competitors. This was a double crown win for Walker who yesterday, captured the gold in BMX. In Men's Elite action, it was Johnathan Suarez (VEN) who was all smiles as he paused for the cameras. He edged out Danny Caluag (USA) to win the W1 Cruiser title. Caluag received the silver medal and Kevin Batey (GBR) took home the bronze.

Cruiser photos

12 year old Dakota Senger took
a moment to smile for the camera
just prior to receiving his
W1 Cruiser plate sticker.

Jason Carnes (USA) holds on to his
W1 Cruiser title in the Men's 35-39
age class.

Melinda McCleod (1st) and teammate Lacey
Oliver (2nd) in the Girl's Cruiser 13/14
proudly hold up the Aussie flag.

A double winner here at the worlds.
Men's 30-35: Tommy Opincar
(who by the way loves to have his
photo taken) is seen here holding
his W1 plate sticker. He also placed
first in his age class in BMX.

Cruiser Classes: A Spectacular show of athleticism and sportsmanship

Heading out to the track, I just caught the final motos of the Cruiser classes. This is what makes BMX such a great family sport. In the Cruiser classes, all ages from 12-45+ compete. It was refreshing to see Moms and Dads out there giving it their all while their kids cheered for them on the sidelines. During the last few finals there were several serious crashes where a little more than the ego was damaged. At least two riders were carried off the track. But for those who finished, it was time to celebrate their world class status. Results and photos will be published ASAP.

Yesterday was full of emotional moments

Yvan Lapraz (SUI) takes a moment
to sign an autograph.

Shanaze Reade smiles for the
camera as she celebrates her
gold medal finish in the elite
women's class.

Switzerland should be proud of
Lapraz who captured gold in
the Jr. Men's class.

Sarah Walker (NZL) signs an
autograph and takes a moment to
inspire a young BMXer.

A dissapointed James Brown after
narrowly missing his chance to make
it in to the final moto. He was on fire
yesterday during heats as Canadians
cheered him on.

A smiling Joey Bradford was
pleased with his silver medal in
the Jr. Men's class.

Two USA riders congratulate each
other after the race.

Czech team member was all
smiles after his race. Sponsor
Red Bull should be smiling as

Sarah Walker (NZL) took a moment
to celebrate with her team manager.

It's Cruiser Action Today on the Track

The World Challenger Cruiser event is taking place today. Age groups 12-45 will be ripping up the track vying for a top spot in their age group from 9:00 until 1:30 pm. The main difference between Cruiser and BMX is the size of the tires. BMX tires are 20" and Cruisers are 24". Junior and Elite racers will be competing between 2:30 and 6:00 pm. There will be lots of action on the track, so come on down and check it out!
Stay posted for more information and photos from yesterday's Junior and Elite BMX competition.