BMX Racing for ever

Once upon a time, if you were a BMX Cross rider, parent, helper, you had never forgotten the positive and negative feelings and emotions listed below, then, there, at that moment you got, you could be any age and live anywhere in the world, away from any BMX Cross Track:

- after trying several times to stop at the starting gate, successfully,

- jump over a half meter obstacle and show it Mother and Dad, which of course won't work,

- get the best in eight, in any race,

- manual a jump or turn on the ideal line in the corner,

- perform a tricky jump that makes no sense to advance,

- after an unsuccessful manual, after a fall, finally get air,

- find a child's gloves or socks in the bag as a parent,

- in a helmet without the "fullface" used in the old days, fall into the cheek, and then ask for a mirror to see where the face was scratched and to know, your teeth all right,

- soak up the rain in a rainy race and sit back in front of the starting gate,

- cheering, even when you see it hopeless,

- after a fall you can't stand up and go on.

Of course the time will come when you think it's over, but when you buy a running bike for two or three years old child, your first idea of where the nearest BMX Cross track is,  because a bike might be better off there.

All of this, if you don't live up to you because you think you really broke up with this whole, you open the cupboard and you will find your BMX trousers, jersey from the early times, and when you look at it, your back is potty because who once participated in it he can't get rid of it, whatever he wants.

So, get on to the nearest BMX track, take a rake and help me because you belong here.